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Scammers Can Trick You and Compromise Security Systems

March 25, 2014

Be sure you are actually dealing with your chosen professional before divulging information or authorizing work.

Lappen Security is always striving to provide you with top-quality security products and services – and we stand behind our work. But what happens if you *think* you’re working with Lappen and find out later you were not? Or with any other professional service provider, for that matter? How could that happen, you ask? Associated Locksmiths of America Inc. (ALOA) recently issued an Advisory to let security professionals know that internet scamming is on the rise. And while the Advisory was focused on security professionals, these types of scams can occur for ANY type of business.

How does the scam work? Scammers can sometimes hijack a business’s website or divert email or telephone inquiries of the actual businesses. In other words, emails or calls (over VOIP systems) can be diverted to the scammer. When the scammer responds to the email or phone call, they pretend to be the actual business. Because the consumer thinks they are dealing with the legitimate business, they could divulge sensitive information, authorize work to be done, etc. – any of which could severely compromise the consumer’s security. In addition, if work is done, chances are it will be completed with poor products and shoddy workmanship.

So, our goal in sharing this information with you is two-fold:

  • First, always ensure you are working with the intended legitimate business before discussing your project or authorizing work. In the case of Lappen, we will never ask you to divulge sensitive information over the phone, and our technicians will always appear at your site in a corporate vehicle, wearing a corporate garment and ID tag.
  • Second, if you are a business owner, take steps to ensure that your business is not the victim of a scammer – and educate your customers regarding how to avoid being scammed.

Backing up the data for your access control system can save you hours of work and reduce system downtime.

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