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VoIP and Digital Phone Lines May Not be Reliable for Alarm Systems

January 28, 2014

Lappen will no longer renew monitoring agreements with alarm systems on VoIP. Here’s why...

Lappen Security’s pledge is to provide you with quality, effective and reliable security solutions. Because of our commitment to only the highest level of quality and reliability, we cannot, in good conscience, recommend a VoIP/digital phone system setup as a reliable option for use with alarms. Following is more information to help you understand the potential problems with using VoIP/digital phone lines for alarm systems.

In almost all cases, your security/life safety system relies on proper operation of the telephone line (and its associated special security wiring) to reliably communicate alarm signals to the central station.

  • With a self-installed VoIP service, such as Vonage or AT&T’s CallVantage, your alarm system may lose its connection to the telephone service, rendering the system unable to send alarm signals to the central station. VoIP technology may also cause your alarm signals to get scrambled as they are sent to the central station.
  • Similarly, with digital telephone services offered by your cable provider, your system may be unable to consistently and reliably send alarm signals to the central station. This technology may also cause your alarm signals to get scrambled as they are sent to the central station.
  • In addition to the security system’s battery back-up equipment, VoIP and digital phone services may need additional battery back-up equipment to maintain communications in the event of a power failure.

For more information or to explore your options, feel free to contact us here or give us a call at (920) 734-3027.

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