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Smoke Detectors: Battery Check is Not Enough

October 29, 2013

Testing the battery alone does NOT ensure your smoke detectors are working properly.

It is that time of year, when we start turning up the heat in the house and starting fires in the fireplace. That means it is time, as well, to check your smoke detectors. We all know about pushing the button to test the battery, but that tells only half the story. Pushing the button tells you if the battery is still ok – but it does NOT tell you if the sensor is working properly. If the sensor is not working properly, the device is useless. The best way to test your sensor is to use Smoke Check, which is environmentally friendly and simulates smoke going into your detectors. Lappen Security has cans of Smoke Check on sale now, only $13. Stop in to our showroom and grab a can, and also check out the other great deals we have in store.

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