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HD/Megapixel Video Surveillance: Great Images, But There When You Need Them?

September 10, 2013

Larger file sizes of HD/MP images use more storage space than you may realize or be prepared for.

High Definition and Megapixel Video Surveillance offer a ton of great advantages over standard analog video, but at the same time, the high picture quality creates more data to be saved on your storage drives. What you may not realize is that, due to the larger file sizes, the actual amount of archived video stored on the SAME-SIZED drive will be significantly less than it was with your former analog cameras. So, for example, you may have been able to store two weeks’ worth of analog video, but now perhaps only a week or less of HD video (depending on your system/specs). It is critical for you to be aware of this potential difference so you don’t unexpectedly come up short when trying to review archived video for security purposes.

So when planning your upgrade to an HD/Megapixel system, be sure to determine how much archived video (how many hours/days-worth) you’d like to store, the drive size needed to hold that desired amount of data, and then budget for any additional storage capacity that might require. This will apply especially if you want to retain your archived video for a lengthy period of time (over 2 weeks). An alternative to increasing your storage capacity is to put a plan into place to frequently review your archived data before it is overwritten. Remember, if there are video clips that you need to save for longer, you can always save them to a flash drive, provided that you export the clips before the hard drives record over the oldest data. Contact Lappen for more information or advice on data storage.

Backing up the data for your access control system can save you hours of work and reduce system downtime.

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