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Case Study: Village of Bellevue Parks

January 15, 2013

Occasionally, we like to use this space to share with you real stories about how security products make a real difference for real people/businesses in your community. Here is one such story.

Situation: The Village of Bellevue, WI, has four parks in their Village of just over 14,000 people in the metro area of Green Bay, WI. This is an area of Wisconsin that has been rapidly growing over the past 20 years, and with growth does come an increase in crime. The parks of Bellevue were no exception, as they were seeing an increase in vandalism and needed to find ways to deter future problems and keep their parks in clean condition for the many children who frequent them all summer long.

Improvement: At all four of the parks, outdoor, vandal-resistant cameras were placed in strategic positions to give parks director Joel Gregozeski the ability to see who has been using their pavilions and playgrounds at any time, day or night, and keep recordings on their digital video recorders for weeks after. Access Control was also deployed on each restroom door to allow the village to lock down and open each restroom at specific times, assuring that when the parks are closed, the restrooms are locked without having to send an employee out to each site to manually lock them down.

Result: According to parks director Joel Gregozeski early in the process, he has seen (as have other parks with similar systems in place) a decrease in incidents of vandalism. Joel also shared he feels confident that, with the added security, he will be able to maintain cleaner parks with less vandalism and be able to catch anyone willing to deface his parks. The access control has also allowed them to rent enclosed park pavilions with self-expiring access control cards – thus limiting pavilion access to specific, agreed-upon timeframes while avoiding the hassles of either keys or sending staff out to unlock/lock the facilities.

Backing up the data for your access control system can save you hours of work and reduce system downtime.

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