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Carefully Chosen Security Systems Allow for Changing Needs

October 26, 2010

Help guard against loss of time and money – arm yourself with the facts about security systems that offer flexibility and ease of use.

In our fast-paced world, we expect some things to change ... but we don’t necessarily think about something in the "outside world" affecting our security needs in-house. However, it happens more often than you might expect. For example, changes in laws regarding handling customer credit card information now require merchants and others who have access to this data to enforce much more strict access control measures - for both electronic and printed records. In situations like this, suddenly we find ourselves needing an extra layer of security for a particular area or room - for example, an IT room or a room containing customer credit card information.

One way of adding an extra layer of security to a particular room is to require a person to not only use their proximity (RF - Radio Frequency) fob or card, but also input a code to obtain access. The Paxton Access PK75 Reader and full Control System allows for this type of flexibility. The user-friendly software provides the ability to change the level of security with just the click of a mouse, allowing the Reader to function as a fully functional proximity reader alone, a keypad alone, or both. This system flexibility allows you to adapt to changes in security needs without having to install a whole new system - saving time and money.

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