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Deadbolt Locks Offer Greater Security

October 12, 2010

Get in the habit of using your deadbolts on your house and business. The deadbolt is where the majority, if not all, of your security comes from.

Many people simply use the lock that is part of the door knob. While it can certainly slow an intruder down, most of these locks are not very sturdy and can easily be broken. Some of the benefits to using a deadbolt lock include:

  • Hard to ’pick’ or break
    Most non-deadbolt locks are "spring-bolt" locks, which use a spring to hold the bolt in place. That means that a pry bar or other tool can be used to apply pressure to the bolt and push it open. A deadbolt on the other hand can only be moved to the open position by rotating the lock cylindar (like you do with your key). A deadbolt can therefore provide an enhanced barrier to entry without a key.
  • Less attractive target for intruders
    Since it takes much more effort for an intruder to ’pick’ or break a deadbolt lock, they are less likely to do it (too much work) and are more likely to be noticed by neighbors, pets, etc.
  • Ensures door is properly closed and locked
    When using spring-bolt-type locks, it is easy to forget to set the lock or to only turn the locking mechanism (little button in the door knob) partially. In either case, your door is not properly locked. In addition, even if the spring-bolt lock is properly set, the door can appear to be closed, but may not have been pulled shut quite tightly enough for the bolt to engage in the jamb - this is very easy to miss. A deadbolt can only be engaged once the door is completely closed.
  • Avoid locking yourself out
    Most of us have done it at least once... Because a deadbolt can only be operated with a key (exterior), you cannot accidentally lock yourself out.

Note: Deadbolt locks come in a variety of styles, which provide higher and lower levels of security. Feel free to contact us for more information -- we would be happy to help you determine the best type of lock to use for your particular situation.

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