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August 2012

August 1, 2012

  • Lappen has and installs wireless panic buttons that are monitored by Central Station Monitoring for emergency situations where phone access might not be available. (8/31/12)
  • We are in the process of updating the look of our showroom, including adding a NEW ADA Door Operator and Door Display. Stop in today to see what’s new at Lappen Security! (8/24/12)
  • FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) doors will last much longer because, unlike wood doors, they cannot rot or warp, and unlike steel doors, they cannot rust. Learn more about FRP Industrial doors. (8/17/12)
  • While the lock that is part of the door knob offers some protection, the deadbolt is where the majority – if not all – of your security comes from. Deadbolt locks come in a variety of styles, offering greater or lesser levels of security. Feel free to contact Lappen for more information to help you determine the best type of lock for your particular situation. (8/10/12)
  • There are many types of locksets based on function and configuration, so specific terminology is used to easily refer to each. "Storeroom" is always locked on the outside, always open on the inside. "Passage" is always open on both sides. "Entry" has a button on the inside to lock/unlock. "Classroom" can be locked or unlocked with a key on the outside. "Institutional" is locked on both sides and requires a key to get in or out. (8/3/12)

Backing up the data for your access control system can save you hours of work and reduce system downtime.

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Step inside our Little Chute showroom and you┬╣ll see that only the finest security products make the cut. From simple security lock to advanced HD surveillance camera, each item is ttested before it reaches our displays. Our team makes sure pieces meet manufacturer specs, work properly and get the highest marks for quality and customization and security technology.

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