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June 2012

June 1, 2012

    • The thickness of steel on your exterior doors can make a world of difference. The lower the gauge number, the higher the door quality. (6/29/12)
    • Knowing the difference: Galvanized versus Galvannealed. Galvanized steel doors are made of recycled material and Galvannealed steel doors are treated to prevent future rusting. (6/22/12)
    • Avigilon HD Megapixel Video Surveillance has debuted its first outdoor 1- or 2-MP Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, perfect for manned security operations that are currently not getting enough definition in their current picture quality. Visit Lappen Security to see a demo! (6/15/12)

  • With Medeco Patented Protected keys, the ONLY people who are allowed to get copies of your keys are the people on the signature log for your facility. Even if an unauthorized person would request a duplicate, an authorized person MUST be physically present in our store to be able to receive the copies. This protects you from unauthorized key duplication at ALL times. (6/8/12)
  • Lappen Security Products offers a FREE Exterior Door Survey to ANY Commercial or Industrial facility in Northeast Wisconsin. Our expert locksmiths and door technicians will inspect every component of all of your doors, and then provide you with a report of anything they find, along with an estimate of costs to repair any potential problems – all at no charge to you. Contact us today to schedule your survey! (6/1/12)

  • Backing up the data for your access control system can save you hours of work and reduce system downtime.

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