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April 2011

April 1, 2011

  • If you are thinking about adding access control to your facility, remember to account for all of the physical keys to your building. If key control is in question (missing keys, etc.), changing the locks will provide the optimal and most secure access control. (4/29/11)
  • Preventative periodic maintenance can save you quite a bit of time and money. Recently, a customer requested a service call and our technician found a simple, common problem -- that could have been prevented with periodic maintenance. But now, the cost to replace the damaged equipment exceeded the cost of being on a Preventative Maintenance Program. Contact Lappen Security today to discuss all of the benefits this program can offer your business. (4/22/11)
  • The appearance of security company signs and stickers on your home or business can DECREASE the likelihood of a BURGLARY by as much as 75%. Thieves notice the stickers on the door or the signs in the lawn and know that a security company has been there and that the risk is too high for them to try anything. Stickers/signs also play a big roll in the security of your building by making people in general (not just thieves) think twice about attempting anything at your home or office. Make SURE to keep your signs in a clear area and do not remove stickers from your door. (4/15/11)
  • In 2009, home break-ins netted thieves $1.5 billion in stolen goods. Of that, $1 billion consisted of TVs, radios, computers, video game systems and other electronics. (4/8/11)
  • If you have Glass Aluminum store front doors, it is very important that you have security collars around your key cylinder. A Major cause of burglary on this type of door is wrenching the cylinder, which these collars prevent from happening. (4/1/11)

Backing up the data for your access control system can save you hours of work and reduce system downtime.

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