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License Plate Recognition ... for REAL?

April 22, 2014

Yes! Enjoy this and other new features of the latest video management software.

When industry leader and Lappen Trusted Partner Avigilon released the 5th generation of its award-winning video management software (Avigilon Control Center 5 – ACC 5.0), it was a game-changer in the industry, complete with user-friendly interface, virtual matrix functionality and crash-proof enterprise server management.

Lappen is now excited to announce the availability of ACC 5.2, the first major feature upgrade to Avigilon Control Center. ACC 5.2 provides superior image detail more quickly and accurately than ever before and enables users with large, distributed sites the ability to respond more quickly to real-time incidents and conduct more efficient investigations. ACC 5.2 also incorporates the next generation of Avigilon’s High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology: HDSM 2.0. This technology is designed to operate with Avigilon’s latest high definition cameras to efficiently manage bandwidth while maximizing image detail.

With ACC 5.2, organizations can seamlessly migrate from ACC 4.12 or earlier versions of ACC 5 and keep large and distributed locations more secure with the following new features:

  • Cross site users + groups: enables users to add groups and designate permissions to multiple sites at once, greatly increasing the integrity, speed and efficiency of their system deployment
  • Private bookmarking: enables system administrators to designate footage as confidential so they can maintain the privacy of sensitive high definition video footage
  • Alarm escalation: allows organizations to set up time-sensitive alerts according to priority, ensuring that alerts are addressed and appropriately escalated based on severity
  • Pick site-view location: increases system setup speed to allow new items to be added with the appropriate permissions in a designated location
  • License plate recognition (LPR): detects specific regional license plates and notifies users when they appear in the field of view

For more information on the upgrade or award-winning Avigilon systems, feel free to contact Lappen – the area’s only authorized dealer for Avigilon products.

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